Wealth Coaching & Business Mentoring for Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs

You CAN have it all. Question is: What is "all"?

  • Do you have the free time you dreamed of when you launched your 6-figure business?
  • Do you have assets to cultivate wealth to reclaim your freedom, travel, and play?
  • Where would you be if your business was location-independent?

Would you rather...

A) Own a business?
B) Run a business? or
C) Run a busy-ness?

Don't wait for "oh shit" moments at 39, adrenal burn-out, bankruptcy or divorce to build and cultivate inner and outer wealth!

What next? Take a decisive step

Want more free time, wealth assets, fast-tracked success and a meaningful location-independent business?

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About Wealth Coach Tina

Hi, I'm Tina :) I'm a Certified Success & Wealth Mastery Coach, unleashing the wealth of Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs who seek freedom, time, location-independence, and balance.

Off paper, I'm a recovering achievaholic, ex-perfectionist and wisdom hoarder. I read and implement a book/week. Crazy? A little. Wealthy? A lot.

About Wealth Coach Tina

Tina Chen, Inner & Outer Wealth CoachHi, I'm Tina :) I'm a Certified Success & Wealth Mastery Coach. I unleash the freedom of Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs who want more free time, wealth assets, and a location-independent business. Here's to a lifestyle of rest, love, balance and play, on top of your 6-figure income!Connect with Tina :) »

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I am very impressed that you so accurately described my wish list.  Your perspective on ‘business wellness’ has added a powerful definition to our work. So big THANK YOU for the web analysis! We love your proposal and are very excited about getting started!

Unlike other companies, who bill you for answering a question or picking up the phone, Tina only cares about making her clients happy. She'll spend the time you need, explaining or training, and I felt listened to and never rushed. (My doctor should learn manners from her.)
Joss Rowlands, Co-Active Professional Certified Coach