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My teacher Brené Brown's new book, Dare to Lead, comes out Oct 9! I got an advance copy a few weeks early <insert ecstacy>!!
Join us for a "Book Club" live jam on: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

OCT 23 • 1P NYC | 7P BCN

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Limited to 12 seat. Only reserve if you can and will show up!


Past Events + Webinars


Hear the stories of why we get ourselves into multi-system chaos, 3 practical ways to get out, and how to avoid it in the first place!
Integration = Savings. Simplicity = Sanity. Automation = Freedom.What is Multi-system Chaos?

What is multi-system chaos?

It's a mindset and stage of business, where solopreneurs start with: free online tools (chosen out of inexperience and/or scarcity) and end up with: a heap of paid online tools (chosen out of overwhelm), realising (depressingly and/or angrily) that Excel Spreadsheet + check book would have been simpler!

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Live reading of Ella's "10 Ayahuasca + 10 Liberation Years" journals,
with juicy wisdom and epic insight for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.

Laughter, awe and swearing guaranteed.

Part 1 • Annihilation to Liberation

​Is total annihilation necessary for totally liberation? Is suffering necessary to enlightenment?

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Part 2 • Money Mindset, Revisited

The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s not even sufficiency. It’s wholeness. How do I "do" wholeness?

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Part 3 • Success Tuning Forks

​We are all instruments who fall out of tune. Who is my turning fork? Who will set me free? As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

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​Part 4 • Before/After Enlightenment

​Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, what now?? As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

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Part 1 • Do the right things in the right order

Most Common Lifestyle Freedom Business Mistakes. Find out how to liberate yourself from random busyness.

Part 2 • Make breadcrumb trade-offs

How to Gracefully Make Six-Figures Doing Everything You Love. Find out how to liberate yourself from the past.

Part 3 • Re-calibrate compasses

Top Tools to Re-calibrate Inner Compasses towards Total Liberation. Find out how to liberate yourself from the fear of success.

​Part 4 • Cycle through organic iterations

How to Create a Masterclass that is Wanted + Sellable. Find out how to liberate yourself from overwhelm and disappointment.


What were your top 'aha' moments of greatest learning?

I found peace as soon as I accepted where I was on my own journey and surrendered to the process.

I realized that I was prolonging my own suffering!

The "parts work", where I identified that angry part of me driving the bus, and understood how I can change drivers whenever I want to.

Guide to Grace Students

I had a breakthrough call with Ella and she was the third coach I had connected with. She was the best hands down and it made my decision to engage her so easy. I was blown away with how she got me to dream about my future and what was possible for me in one call.

Book a call with Ella and you will see how terrific she really is at co-creating with you. I did my first enrollment call with a potential client and your method was perfect! Easy and effective.

Victoria Welsby
Badassery Coach & TEDx Speaker


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Part 1 • Six Keys Behind the Psychology of Freedom

Fear of success and fear of freedom are real! Learn about: the hardest emotion to be with, the one handbreak that will stop all your momentum, and the family inheritance that traps you.

Part 2 • Six Ways to Simplify your Online Business

Why do you implement certain tasks, but not others? Learn about: the one strategy to eliminate overwhelm, your top areas of self-sabotage, and the most critical business system to set up.

Oh Ellany, your training was wonderful – I admire how easy you make things look like. What a fantastic role model you are for me! – Maria


Thank you SO much for the webinar -- it was both inspirational and practical. I'll consider carefully the wisdom you've passed on and keep moving forward! – Annette


Part 3 • Seven Ways Immigrant Parents Stifled your Wealth

 can't out-frugal your way to wealth! Discover how burden, overcompensating, miscalibration, intergenerational programming and cultural indoctrination stifle your success.

Part 4 • Four Shame Shields Stunting your Business

Why is your business not growing at the pace you want it to? Discover the 4 ways shame stunts your business success, reach and impact; and what to do about it!

Wow I'm so glad I jumped on the training call today. Thanks for your insight. By the way, I loved the "self care budget" tip. xoxo – Rosalyn


Aww Ellany, you blend humor with wisdom with vulnerability and you make it seem so easy. I'm so looking forward to the next one. Please don't ever stop hosting these. Julianna



Thank you for our AWESOME fast track day! I was stuck in a rut and in one day, you helped me to get to the bottom of why I was stuck, break it down, and create an implementable solution. You helped me to remember my vision for the business and use that as my frame of reference.

You gave me really practical organizational and planning tools that I implemented immediately and are already making a big difference. The busyness tracker is a phenomenal way to plan out my time for the week, month and year. We accomplished so much in one day!

Elena Brennan
CEO & Founder, CareConcierge

Was on a roll with my coaching biz and was even called the coaches' coach. Then got married and priorities changed. I felt stuck and embarrassed that I quit on my 8,000 followers. Ella held my hand through the emotional tunnel (aka shame) of reconnecting with my followers, my biz and my pre-marriage self.

Her cheery presence felt like sunshine and I didn't expect to cry and laugh this much. It was cathartic!! If I learned anything it's that you don't get a medal for walking through that tunnel alone. Ella always had her hand out. Take it.

Founder of online coaching collective
(privacy respected)


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  • Tokyo, Japan - Oct 31-Nov 8
  • Seoul, South Korea - Nov 9-Nov 15
  • Boracay, Philippines - Nov 16-Nov 23
  • Bali, Indonesia - Nov 24-Dec 13
  • Rangoon, Myanmar - Dec 14-Dec 21
  • Bangkok, Thailand - Dec 22-Dec 27
  • Dubai, UAE - Dec 28-Jan 3
  • Amman, Jordan - Jan 4-Jan 10
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Jan 11-Jan 17
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia - Jan 18-Jan 24
  • Zurich, Switzerland - Jan 25-Jan 31
  • Lisbon, Portugal - Feb 1-Feb 8
  • Marrakech, Morrocco - Feb 9-Feb 14
  • Málaga, Spain - Feb 14-Feb 21
  • New York City, USA - Feb 22-28
  • Vancouver, Canada - Feb 29

Part 1 • Six Mindset Myths to Massive Profits

Profits not soaring? It's because you've done the right things, in the wrong order. Learn about: the most deadly thought, the most forgotten budget, and the one person to perpetually say no to.

Part 2 • eight Spiritual Hoops to Upgrade Business

How to upgrade a business with ease and fun? Jump through spiritual hoops! Learn about: the first fear to let go of, the two cups to refill, and the final acceptance of truth.


My greatest takeaway is... Outgrowing your circles of influence and feeling good about saying NO. Incredible webinar - many thanks to you! – Jan


My greatest takeaway is... My greatest takeaway is... The role that surrender plays in business success--new to me! I've always focused on "do, do, do more!" Thanks, Ellany, this was wonderful and so informative! Kate


Part 3 • five Ingredients to Prevent Business Burnout

Does your business have the 5 essential ingredients to prevent business burn out? Learn about: the delusional ingredient, the in-to-on ingredient, and the wonderment ingredient.

Part 4 • five Organic Stages of Accumulating Online Wealth

Does your online business feel like a tantrum throwing toddler? Learn about the 5 organic stages of wealth, the surest pathway to sanity, happiness and freedom.


My greatest takeaway is... Just start. 'Plant that tree'. – Brianna


My greatest takeaway is... I have two: 1) What can look like a fear of failure is instead a fear of success. 2) "I can't do it alone" !!!!! :) – Stephanie


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4-part series


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Confessions of a Recovering Achievaholic

4-part series


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Net Worth  ∞ Self Worth

6-part series


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Online Presence Redesigned

2-part series